New Features Introduction

You can backing up the updated file to the cloud!
*Available cloud storage service: Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SugerSync

You can backing up by dividing the file into multiple cloud storage service!

Worry about the lack capacity of cloud storage will be lost.

You can register a multiple of ID is also in the same cloud service!


You can share the settings on multiple devices!

Once you have set, just also log in to one of the cloud storage in other devices. And cloud storage backing up infomation and setting is inherited.

Differential backup

In the past, even if there is no update to the data content in the terminal, have the backup process time it takes to same time.

From this version, we have changed the method that is to back up only the data that was updated.
this by, if there is no update to the data content in the terminal, the backup will be completed in a short period of time. Daily backup, you can more easily.

Multiple cloud-ready

Previously, the cloud that can be specified in the backup destination is only one. If the capacity is full, you must be increase the capacity of the cloud storage service, or there was a need to switch to another cloud storage service large of more capacity.

From this version, you can specify more than one cloud storage service to backup destination at the same time.
This also is full capacity of one of the cloud storage service, and enables the use of a backup following the other cloud storage service.


From this version, you came to be specified of backup destination to cloud storage service, if you have more than ID in the same cloud storage service. You can set both the ID to the backup destination.


Towards the device of multiple devices you have is, the contents of the cloud storage login infomation settings set on one device, you can take over in a different device.

For example, after you have made the cloud setting of Dropbox and Google Drive in Andrid device, by performing a log in ID of the same Dropbox on iOS devices, Google Drive will also become logged-in.